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EARN UP TO 10,000 ETH!


How it works
The power of FOMOPOOL

Completely Risk-free

FOMOPOOL is a decentralized investment platform built on Ethereum. FOMOPOOL's smart contract is immutable and cannot be hacked or cheated. Payments are done 100% automatic.

Direct P2P Payments

100% of the payments will reach the recipients immediately after only a few seconds from new level buyers. The smart contract does not hold any ETH generated by the community at any time.

Up to 100 Referral Levels

FOMOPOOL registration fee is only 0.05 ETH to get started. With 100 referral levels you can earn extra income by referring new users.

Unlimited Earnings

Once you enter into any autopool by paying the entry fee you will get paid three times the amount that you have invested. Two payments will be transferred directly to your Ethereum wallet and the third will be used to automatically submit you into the same pool again. This way you keep earning ETH over and over again.

Passive Referral Income

Earn additional income with up to 100 referral levels.

Telegram Live Support

Join our telegram community and get support 24/7.


100 Levels Referral Income


Level 1 instant 0.01 ETH Bonus reward


Level 2 instant 0.005 ETH Bonus reward


Level 3 instant 0.0025 ETH Bonus reward


Level 4 instant 0.00025 ETH Bonus reward


Level 5 instant 0.0001 ETH Bonus reward



Autopool Entry eth Global Users Profit Auto Re-Entry
1 0.05 ETH             2 0.1 ETH             YES
2 0.1 ETH             2 0.2 ETH             YES
3 0.2 ETH             2 0.4 ETH             YES
4 0.5 ETH             3 1 ETH             YES
5 1 ETH             3 3 ETH             YES
6 2 ETH             3 6 ETH             YES
7 5 ETH             3 15 ETH             YES
8 10 ETH             3 30 ETH             YES


FOMOPOOL is a smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s an investing platform and community that financially supports each other fairly and voluntarily. FOMOPOOL comes with a simple web interface to interact with the smart contract in the most convenient way.

FOMOPOOL has no system administrator. An excellent team of programmers have uploaded the contract code to Ethereum's blockchain and since then nothing can be changed or interfered in any way. The contract is 100% immutable and FOMOPOOL will run FOREVER!

The sign-up fee is 0.05 ETH to get started. After the registration, the first level (pool) starts at 0.1 ETH.

Yes, that’s what FOMOPOOL is all about. It will generate passive income for the rest of your life. You can earn additional passive income by inviting your friends with your personal referral link and you will earn ETH when they sign up.

Your profits will be transferred directly to your Ethereum wallet without any further actions.

You can ask people who have joined before you in our Telegram group to get more information.


No, referrals are not required but will help you earn additional income.

Yes, you can invite anyone as soon as you register. You don't need to buy the pools to be able to invite your friends.


Yes absolutely, you can skip any pool and buy into any pool you want.

You can't buy the same pool multiple times. The good news is that if you buy a pool you'll always remain in the pool. The smart contract is designed in a way that after getting your profit you automatically get in the next available spot. That way you keep earning ETH over and over again.